At any time of the year, a question that often pops up in the mind of the swimming pool owners is “When is the best time to have my pool installed and get the best deal, Fall/Winter or Spring?” No doubt, Autumn, Winter, and Spring are the best months to consider building a pool. Why?

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Well the answer to this question, at least in most cases, is relatively simple. You can have your pick of the company which offers best pool repair services in Houston. The following are the advantages of Winter, Spring, and Autumn Pool Installations:

Advantages of Fall/Winter/Spring Inground Pool Installation:

1. MORE PERSONALIZED SERVICE – The busiest season for all the pool builders is during the warmer months of the year. However, in the months of fall, winter and spring, they can give you more personalized service. So contacting the best pool repair company in Houston, especially during the time when they are not busy, gives you much better experience and quality of service.

2. LANDSCAPING – The winter, fall and spring months are considered the best in many areas of the country for planting grass. The installation of a swimming pool always cause some damage to a yard, it will take some time to re-grow the grass/vegetation around the pool area. This is why it's typically better to give yourself 4-6 months for proper landscaping and vegetation growth.

3. LESS TIME LOOKING AT THE POOL – When thinking or planning to have a pool installation either in fall/winter or in spring, the biggest advantage that one can think of is that they have to wait 4-7 months before they can use their pool after its completion is too much to bear. For others, the money saved makes the wait well worth it.

4. SOME DISCOUNTS & SAVINGS - This is an age old myth that people carry in their mind, however, discounts & savings vary as per pool design you select. But each season has its own pros and cons. No matter the season, the overhead and labor costs remain constant. Material prices fluctuate throughout the year and distributors evaluate all costs of material the beginning of every year.

Once you have financially weighed all pros and cons it’s time to allow your dream to become a reality. The items to consider carefully are:

Different pool sizes 
Different pool shapes 
Which pool features to add

The best advice when building a Swimming Pool

Always do your research first. A pool is the 2nd highest investment for homeowners, with this said, a homeowner should not only do research on the size, shape, and features but also on the contractor themselves.

1. The cheapest is not always the best in this industry. Scam contractors that take your money and never return to the job site – they are out there, BEWARE! 
2. Ask for references or visit new pools constructed in your area that have been built by your contractor. 
3. Check out the reviews of the company offering pool repair services in Houston.