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Summer Care


2019 has been much warmer than usual and this presents a lot of challenges for pool service in this region.

Items that Create Algae Blooms & Maintenance Issues:
Warm/Hot Water - Water Temp above 85*F need much more attention & service.
Plaster Finishes - that are not flat and smooth like a chalkboard (ie. exposed aggregates & pebbles).
Debris & Dirt in Filters.
Debris & Dirt that gets in Pool.
Stagnant Water is an Incubator when the pump turns off - multiplying bacteria in warm water.
Not brushing daily and/or not running a cleaner to keep debris off plaster.
Rains between service visits are unpredictable and dilute chemical balances.
Overflow Drains wash away chemically treated water when left open.

See our advice for Hot Water Pool Care below.

We ended May with water temperatures spiking quickly to (87*-92*F)!!!
This was hotter than pools got all last summer, including in August & September.

This summer season our company has already been called out to take over weekly pool cleanings by customers who don't think they are getting good service from their current company.  In some cases, this has been true.  But I never fail to alert every customer that if they are getting upset mainly due to algae in the pool, then they should understand a few things that may not be the current companies fault.  The last thing I want to do is sugar coat that our weekly pool service will get rid of some issues that may be beyond the scope of weekly pool care.


Once pool water starts getting above 70*F, circulation, chemicals and cleanliness demands increase.
Once pool water starts getting above 80*F, these same demands increase very rapidly and get much more demanding with higher water temperatures.

In May we saw water temperatures spike 15*F from the low 70's to the mid 80's in less than a weeks time and then stay at these temperatures due to the unusually warm weather we have had.   This big Temperature spike not only increased pool care over night, but it was also unpredictable.  In over 20 years of pool service, we have occasionally seen 90* water temperatures at the hottest parts of August & September.  But this happens gradually all summer long and the pool water is cared for with less issues.

2019 Hot Water Pool Care Challenges

Note:  Keep in mind that because of the way chemical changes happen in swimming pools, care and chemical balances should really be done about every 4-5 days to have the most efficient balanced and well maintained pool.  This 4-5 day schedule does not fit in with most homeowner's or weekly pool service schedules and costs.   During normal summers we usually squeak through the peak temperatures in August and September.   But then the pool water temperatures drop again and make pool care less demanding and easier.

1.  Pool water this season spiked above 84*F before all the heavy tree debris/pollen stopped falling.
This immediately created a catch 22 situation.  Warm water with heavy debris creates a perfect algae incubator situation.
2.  Filters normally get cleaned after the heavy debris stops falling, this usually gets done when the pool temperatures are at or below 80's.
3.  Filters that should have been operating well for weeks or months longer are now incubators with all the extra debris and warmer water.  
4.  Not only are the filters blooming algae rapidly when the pumps turn off each night, but they also begin to get clogged.
5.  Pumps turning off for 12-16 hours a night with 85* water bloom bacteria exponentially in the filters, this causes them to get clogged and then circulate the water less and less. 
6.  Heavy Debris, Poor Circulation, Warm Water and pool service just once per week = GAME OVER (Well really just a lot of bigger struggles)
7.  By now you're thinking, "Hey dummy, just clean the filters and increase the chemicals and you won't have an issue!"  Yes and No...  Clean the filters and but still have debris falling, with warm waters, and the pumps turning off every night will just create the same catch-22 situation again.   Maybe not as bad, or maybe a lot worse: If we are in the 90* water temperatures now, how much hotter will the water get in August when the summers' temperatures keep getting hotter.
8.  To compound these issues further - Tree Debris Has Not Stopped Falling Yet and we at the end of June!   
9.  Usually summer is the cleanest part of the year because the pools get minimal tree/grass debris, and they usually just need good dust, dirt and chemical maintenance to keep the warmer water healthy.   Unfortunately, this season is an extreme of challenges for all pool companies.
10.  Many algaes are not killed by


1.  We are doing filter cleanings on all the pools that are having the biggest problems first.  Unfortunately some of these filters may need to be cleaned again before the end of summer for the reasons cited above.

2.  We are starting all pools on Borates that have not been treated to help chlorine, chemical balances and minimize algae.

3.  Although, high Chlorine alone will not kill or prevent many types of algae we are trying to keep chlorine levels higher than normal.  The big problem with this is when the water is warm like it is right now, the tablets dissolve too quickly and after about 4-5 days the sun and warm water have minimized how much chlorine is left in the pool making it harder for the pool to make it to the next service day.

4.  We ask all customers to report (or text pictures) of any issues you see with your pool to us asap.  If you do anything to the pool, including adding any chemicals, change any chlorine settings or timers, or brush, you MUST let us know.   This is critical to us making a determination of what additional chemicals your pool may need to combat any issues that arise between service.   Not all treatments, including very well balanced chemicals, will prevent algae from growing.  Just like if you take an antibiotic every day, it's not going to stop you from getting sick.
On this note, we've had too many customers make chemical adjustments that did not need to be made (either adding additional tablets, changing settings or brushing algae without telling us).  This makes our Pool Service Technicians think everything is good and they don't need to use any additional chemicals because the chlorine level is staying high and/or there is no visible algae when they complete service.  

Anything reported to our office will also be followed up to make sure it's taken care of asap.

Thank you and please contact us with any questions.