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Cleaner all week

"We were leery at first that replacing our pool cleaner with the only model that Bill recommended would make any difference from the one we had before, but we are amazed that our pool not only stays cleaner all week, but we have much less algae in our pool than before."

Emily B

Treating us like family

"Thank you Esposito Pools for treating us like family as you state. We went through many pool companies before finding the one that we can trust to take care of us."

Adam and Cassie

Honest as they come

"This company is as honest as they come. I had a power surge that caused electrical damage in my house and my pool equipment stopped working. Bill diagnosed my pool equipment and found the main (expensive) computer control board was bad. Trusting Esposito Pools, I approved the work to be done. Bill later came back to me and explained that I didn't need that expensive board after all. He discovered that one of the fuses was bad and once he used a newer fuses on the old board, the old board seemed to be working fine. He explained that my only cost was an inexpensive fuse. I know it would have been really easy for him to replace the board and the fuse and not tell me the details of what he later found. But his honesty will be remembered and passed on to others as much as I get the chance to do so."

Mr E.

Glad we took the advice

"When my cartridge filter needed to be replaced, Renee and Bill explained why our pool really needed a D.E. filter instead. My husband and I were not sure there would be much benefit to warrant the extra costs but we've trusted them for years so we gave them our trust again. Our pool never looked so good and sparkles more than ever with much less algae. We know we still need to replaster our pool, but we were smart taking Bill's advice to budget filter repair first. Everyone we talked to was against D.E. filters but we are really glad we took the advice of Esposito Pools over everyone else. Our pool is so much more enjoyable without the algae problems from the expensive cartridge filters."

Sara T.

Trusted for 10 years

"Esposito pools built our pool over 10 years ago and still remains the only company we've trusted with anything we have needed through the years. "

Mike E.