More warnings and policies are now coming directly from manufactures about internet sold pool products:

I was talking to some reps tonight and one told me they most all have similar statements on their manufacture websites warning homeowners about warranties and internet sales issues, something internet purchasers will not see nor will be told be the internet seller.  They have statements that internet purchases can affect your warranty and also give additional warnings. 

And finding a reputable company to install an internet part, as they suggest, is not easy.

Why?  Because most all of us have been burned by a damaged part the customer purchased from the internet.  And when manufactures won't warranty it, the seller blames the shipping company or the installer. 

When the shipping company says the package was delivered without any reported damage, the homeowner blames the trained installer and that ruins a good customer relationship. 

Not to mention, who's paying the extra labor for installing a motor that did not work, then uninstalling it, then return to reinstall another one at a later date after the homeowner pays shipping and more costs to get a replacement.  Even heavy motors have delicate windings and internal parts that are not meant to be tossed around before a qualified installation.

No thanks! No reputable company can make money this way and you'll find it hard to find a good company to do it.

My company has been blamed by some 'internet sellers' for being the reason a major INTERNAL part broke in a cleaner, rendering the month old cleaner useless and not covered under manufactures warranty.  The seller probably shipped a good product or it sat in a hot warehouse for too long or it was tossed around too hard in shipping.

As the internet becomes a larger place to find low priced items, buyers must beware of the additional risks involved in buying from an internet seller.

Mainly, warranty claims on internet sales are much higher and mainly due to the fact that manufactures do not package their goods for individual shipping.
Manufactures package their goods to be shipped in bulk, on tightly wrapped pallets for damage free shipping, to authorized distributors.  Then it can be hand delivered to your property from a local distributor by your authorized, trained and licensed installer.   This process, no doubt is more expensive, but it greatly insures you have a working product for years of it's intended life.

Compared to an internet seller sending an individual item through a postal service that is rushing to get your purchase delivered on time, (along with thousands of other fragile packages that day).  Do you want your expensive computer board, pool cleaner or heater being handled like a suitcase being unloaded from an airplane. 

No one thinks twice about a box that has no major damage, but you should think twice if your unsecured computer board or your expensive pool cleaner with small delicate parts inside can handle the tossing around and still operate error free for years to come.

Many parts are also not plug and play and should only be installed by a trained, authorized professional.  This includes everything from automatic pool cleaners to motors and heaters.   All pool professionals have taken classes to be authorized do these installations. 

Even hooking up a new cleaner in a pool requires training and involves the risk of improperly cutting the hose assembly which can be a $150. cost. 

Why would any company install an internet purchased part with risks and problems like these. 

If the internet were a good place to get pool parts, all pool companies would stop paying higher local distributor pricing.  But you can learn from the many reputable companies doing business every day. 

We don't buy from the internet because of these and other problems associated with electronic or delicate products and the fact that the manufactures recognize the higher warranty claims associated with internet sales.

All this being said, buying none electrical or non mechanical items can save you money and much lower risk of damage.  Items like skimmer baskets, pool cleaner bags, skim nets, pool toys and similar may be able to save you a few dollars getting them shipped to your door.

However, even a simple automatic pool cleaner must be set up and installed specifically to manufacture details (specifically for your own pool) or it will not operate properly and it will shorten it's life.

When we sell a pool cleaner (or any product), we include trained and insured installations and additionally will save you $150-$250 or more with our installation set up.

Our installations on pool cleaners for example will extend the life of your cleaner and your future part replacement costs.  Not to mention, we will make sure you get the best model cleaner for your pool and not the most expensive one or the one sold to look like the best deal.

And the same care goes into other products we sell.  Our heaters are the best in the industry and after all hookups are completed we return again to tune up your heater to manufacture design specs. 

We do this to make sure you have an optimal running heater for many years to come.  Not just a few years after we've been paid to sell it to you.