Construction Consultation

For most, building a swimming pool is usually the second most expensive purchase many homeowners will make. Make sure you are educated to what you are getting before picking your builder. Swimming pool construction is not regulated like home building and you, the homeowner, are not protected the same way as building, buying, or selling a home.

To protect yourself, become educated. Let Esposito Pools provide you with a Pool Construction Consultation where you will learn about:

  • Learn how to Qualify a Builder, not a salesman: First Loves can break your heart.
  • Builder versus Sub-Contractors: Who's really in charge of what you get.
  • Learn who's advice to Trust: When buying a car, do you talk to Your Dealership or Mechanic?
  • Equipment Brand: OMG ROFL there is such a huge difference and can cost you more in a few years.
  • Equipment Choices: From Salt to Ozonators - Are you making the best choices for YOU.
  • Warranty: Manufacture vs Sub-Contractor versus Builder Filtration: Be smart about pro's & con's - One saves you money, the other puts money in builder's pocket.
  • Equipment Sizes: Bigger is almost NEVER Better, Unless you just want Bigger Operating Costs. Circulation, Circulation, Circulation - Why it is so important to be planned out correctly. ?
  • Hydraulic Design: This is the biggest error made in construction. And most builders don't even know why.
  • Construction Materials: From Excavation to Plumbing Lines. Finishing Materials: Plaster, Tile, Coping and Decking - What you see is not what you get.
  • Operation Instructions: From Daily Maintenance to Efficient Equipment Operations

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