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We are a top 20 Houston pool company that provides full service repairs, pool pump repairs, complete remodels and all your pool care needs.  Our company can take care of you for all your pool plastering, tile, coping and equipment repairs such as pool pumps, heaters, filters and plumbing leak detection.  

Pool Pump Repairs and Full Pool Remodels: Pool Plaster, Pool Tile & Pool Coping 

Contact us and find out why we are a top rated company in Cypress, Houston and Katy for all your pool repairs.
Our whole focus is on taking care of you and getting you the best materials for your family and swimming pool. 
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Pool Pump Repairs & Pool Motors

As a Center-Point energy certified installer combined with manufacture certifications, pool pump repairs & motor installations with Esposito Pools will get you the longest manufacture warranties available.  Many warranties are not available online and our pro-service qualifications will get you double the manufacture warranty of other installations.

We will make sure you get the best advice and even fix issues that were not correctly installed by the original builder to make sure you have a new pool pump or pool motor to last for years.

Variable speed direct drive pool pump motors, when programmed correctly in southern climates, will save homeowners on average more than $500 per year over any single and 2-speed motors.  And when installed and programmed correctly they will run longer with much less electrical use for years, greatly increasing the life expectancy of your whole plumbing system.  The right variable speed pumps programmed correctly will have a lifespan much greater than any other pump.
Before making any pool pump repair, contact us to make sure you are getting the best advise and installing the pool pumps and pool motors that are best for you and your swimming pool.

Pool Filters

Need advice on the best pool filter for your new or aged pool.  There is a huge difference between the types of filters available.  Like most of our advice, the most expensive is usually not the best option for your swimming pool.  Get our advice and buy with confidence.

Automation Pool Controllers

Pool controllers can range from simple switches & time clocks to full automation with internet capabilities.
Whether you are needing a repair to an existing system or ready to upgrade to new internet technology we can make sure you have the best system to fit your swimming pool.

Pool Cleaners

Knowing the best pool cleaner for your pool is one of the best things you can do for your family and your swimming pool.  Not all automatic pool cleaners are created equal.  Don't get fooled by cleaners that are more expensive.  Whether your pool has heavy tree debris or just light dust, making sure you choose the correct cleaner is very important to having a trouble free pool for years to come.  Pool cleaners not only help to keep the pool looking clean each day, but their paths stir up debris on your plaster so the chlorine in the water can keep the plaster as sanitized as possible.  In warm water months this is crucial to avoiding algae growth.   

* Technical diagnosis fees applied to repairs