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Looking for the best pool resurfacing company in Cypress, Katy & Houston, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that caters to making sure you get the best materials and workmanship to fit your family’s needs.  Esposito Pools has been providing quality pool remodels for plaster, tile & coping for more than 15 years.    

When choosing a pool remodeling company, it’s important to choose someone that has your best interest as top priority.  We will spend time educating you on the wide variety of differences between plasters and any other materials needed for your job. 

Plaster - Swimming pool plaster has gone through many changes over the last 2 decades.  What once use to be just white pool plaster has transformed not only into different colors and multiple aggregates, but also into different levels and qualities. 


What is now the lowest grade of plaster was once high quality with a life expectancy of 15-18-years.  The lowest grade of plaster now only as a fraction of this life expectancy before it will begin to get rough, pitted and discolored.

Fortunately, the industry has developed some advanced levels of higher quality plasters.  This white plaster with 7-year manufacture warranty costs not much more than the low-grade plaster.   Call us and we'll take the time to explain the great benefits of smooth pool plaster, including the many color choices of smooth aggregate plasters.

Most homeowners pick their aggregate plaster without being told or shown the difference between smooth and flat finishes.  Aggregate plasters have such a dramatic look to them that pool plaster companies try to sell the plaster that is best for them and not for the homeowner's family.  Homeowners are rarely educated on the pros and cons, as most all companies try to push more expensive products for higher profit margins.  Many of these customers are unhappy with the roughness and increased maintenance of their newly remodeled pools. 

But there is great news for homeowners who like the look aggregate look.  There are some very high-quality aggregate surfaces with some of the longest and smoothest life expectancies.  We can apply many different types of aggregate and pebble finishes.  Contact us to find out what plaster finish meets your needs.  Marble, Hydrazzo Polished, Quartzscapes, Pebble Finishes, Diamond Brite to name a few. 

From aging, older plasters to rough or uneven aggregates, pool maintenance is increased much more than smooth and flat pool surfaces.  If your plaster finish is not applied smooth and flat as a chalkboard, then homeowners should expect that each year your new plaster ages, the amount of chemicals, pump run times and algae maintenance increases drastically compared to a smoother and flatter option.

There once was a time when the Plaster Council urged the industry that all plaster applications had to be smooth and flat for the homeowner to have the least amount of maintenance issues and have the most comfortable finishes for bather comfort.  This fact has been silenced by all the applicators pushing aggregates and low-grade pool plasters.  The cost difference between low grade and high grade plaster is so small, that there is rarely a reason that the low grade plaster should ever be used due to it's very short life expectancy.  If your plaster sample does not start out smooth and flat, then expect as your plaster ages it will become more rough and pitted.  Most homeowners start seeing maintenance issues increase within the first few years, followed by rougher and pitted plaster each season the pool plaster ages and this creates bather discomfort and even badly scrapes the bottoms of our feet to the point of bleeding especially for younger swimmers or for those very active in the pool playing games.

If you’re considering any pool resurfacing or remodeling, please contact us so we can help you decide the best pool materials for you and your family.