“The secret to pristine pool health is regular and routine care.” Swimming pools are amazing in all the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. They somehow make the person feel rejuvenated and refreshed. However, the quality of pools matter!! Keeping the pool sparkling clean is not as difficult as you might think and this is where pool cleaning Cypress Company steps in. All pools are different, and so are their maintenance needs. Unlike other service providing company which charge extra bucks and offer not-so good services, we are a reliable team of experts who will ensure that the pool stays in healthy condition for years.

Pool Cleaning Cypress

Venture through the suggestions mentioned below for self-pool maintenance which can be practiced weekly or regularly:

1) Skim the Debris - One of the fastest and the easiest way to keep your pool clean is skimming the pool's surface by hand in every few days. For removing leaves, bugs and other unwanted items make use of long-handled net called a hand skimmer or leaf skimmer. Skimming increases the efficiency of the pool's circulation system and lowers the amount of chlorine that you require to add to your pool.

2) Brush the Walls and Tiles - Once in a week, make sure that the pool is vacuumed. However, isn't the only maintenance that should be taken care of. Brushing the walls and tile helps minimize the birth of algae and calcium deposits so they don't become larger problems in the future. For plaster-lined concrete pools use a stiff stainless steel brush. For tiles, don't use a hard brush as it might lead to scratching.

3) Clean the Pool Filter - There are different maintenance procedures for different kinds of pool filters. They all require periodic cleaning depending on the type of filter and how often a pool is used. This doesn't mean that you clean the filter more often than recommended as it can actually create hiccups in the filtration process. It is suggested to clean the filter only when the difference reaches 10 to 15 pounds (4.5 to 6.8 kilograms) per square inch.

4) Maintain the pH Level - The pool water should be tested regularly so as to ensure that the water is clean and healthy. The pH scale is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity that runs from 0 to 14. The pool's pH level can be checked with a testing kit. The reading between 7.2 and 7.8 is considered ideal as this range is safe for swimmers and helps sanitizers work at top efficiency. Testing the pH level of a pool is as simple as dipping a strip of paper in the water. 

5) Supercholorinate Water - Over a time span: Organic contaminants like ammonia or nitrogen develops in the pool. They in turn give rise to potent chlorine smell that many people associate with pools. To get rid of this harsh odor, it's necessary to superchlorinate the pool water so as to bring it back to normal chlorine levels. Take the services offered by pool cleaning Cypress Company to chlorinate your pool and get the best results. 

On a searing summer day, a swimming pool is a welcome respite from the heat. But before you can dive into its cool blue water, you have to perform all the maintenance drudgery that prolongs its crystal-clear perfection. For deep cleaning and regular maintenance you must get in touch with reliable pool cleaning Cypress Company to keep your pool in good condition for years.