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Bill first worked in the pool industry in high school as a lifeguard and saved lots of toddlers and a few adults who "forgot they couldn't swim".    Bill's biggest save was kicking everyone out of the pool on a cloudless busy Sunday afternoon due to lightning he could barely see on the other side of Houston.  But not 15 minutes after everyone left very disgruntled, the pool was struck by lightning and it damaged much of the electrical equipment and breakers.  Unknown to him at the time, but dry lightning is a phenomenon known in drier climates and very rare here in humid Houston.  Lucky for the more than 40 people in the water that day the Homeowners only had to pay for electrical repairs and not hospital bills. Obviously, Bill is now an advocate for being careful anytime there is a chance of lightning. 

Fast forward about ten years later and Esposito Pools, Inc. was born.   Continuing to give the same individual care to customers that he does for his own family, even the one's he likes.  Since 1996, Esposito Pools, Inc. has been providing reliable, trustworthy services and recommendations that any family would be proud to put their name on.

Bill is also a past president and regional board member of IPSSA. He is also Trained and certified on all major brands of pool equipment.