Rust stains often develop from iron/steel components of pool equipment, old water pipes carrying iron into the pool when adding water, or steel of concrete structure of the pool. Removing rust stains from surface is difficult, unless you have knowledge about staining and your pool surface. They are unsightly and are damaging to the pool surface. You must remove them and ensure that it doesn’t cause damage to pool. Follow these three rust stain removal methods while cleaning your Cypress pool.

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1.Scrubbing: For minor rust stains, use a stiff bristled scrubbing brush to rub the surface where there is a stain. You can even use a steel wire brush if bristled brush proves unsuccessful. However, make sure you do not use hard brush types for more delicate surfaces as it could cause visible damage.
2.The Sock + Dry Acid Method: To perform this process, you need to wear protective gear. Take an old tube sock and sodium bisulfate (dry acid). You can also use ascorbic acid. Add a cup of dry acid to the sock, and tie it to keep the acid contained. Use a pool pole to hold the sock containing dry acid in place for 5-15 minutes. While doing the process, be aware that you don’t keep the sock above the stained surface for too long, as it may cause the affected surface lighter than the surrounding area.

3.Vitamin C Tablets: Vitamin C tablets are made of ascorbic acid that works well for stain cleaning. New pool rust stains can be removed by rubbing vitamin C tablet. For hard stains, crush some vitamin C tablets and sprinkle over the affected area, followed by vigorous brushing. In the market, you’ll get pool stain remover made from ascorbic acid. You can such products by adding them in a sock or pouring into a pipe for concentrated spot treatments.

In order to reduce the time and effort you spend dealing with pool stains, it is necessary to prevent it in the first place. When pH or alkalinity isn’t maintained, metals start leaching from the plumbing system into the pool and stain the surface. Always check your pool water chemistry and maintain the pH level between 7.4-7.6. Check all the pool equipment for corrosion and repair, or replace the part that is showing signs of rust. If your pool is showing recurring stains despite how many times you’ve removed them, you may probably need a pool professional to correct it. Call your Cypress pool cleaning company or pool expert in your area and get your pool staining problem fixed quickly.