If you are planning to resurface your pool or constructing a new pool at your backyard, then one of the most important decisions is what product to use for constructing the interior pool surface. Installing a new pool interior or creating a pool interior with plaster will not only give your pool a clean look, but will also make it look amazingly fresh and lucid. Although pool owners have varied pool surfacing options to choose from straight forward standard white plaster to multi colored pebbles, but still choosing pool plaster is preferred over other options due to a range of benefits associated with it.


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Here is the list of benefits of pool plastering over other pool surfacing options:

 Plaster is known for longevity 

Plaster has been used as a pool surfacing option for more than 50 years. It is the oldest pool surfacing options available until this date and the credit goes to the longevity provided by this highly robust material. Experiences have proven that a pool interior with plaster can withstand well with the pool water chemistry.
A cost effective option 

Plaster is a very cost effective pool surfacing option because their initial cost is pretty low below than other pool interior surfacing alternatives. Moreover, the average life span of a plaster surface extends around 15-20 years that makes it one of the most affordable component of a swimming pool. It means that plastering the pool interior values for your investment. 

Easily repairable

Most of the times the interior surface of pool undergoes discoloration, damage or gets stained due to either environmental factors or manmade factors. In such cases, the plastered pool surfaces are known to sustain repairing process that can involve chemical treatments as well. However, other pool surface options don’t offer this much of tolerance during the repairmen procedures. 

Sustain improper water balance

Your pool water might lose its chemical balance due to certain reasons such as defect in chlorinator, floods or heavy storms. This chemical imbalance causes corrosion and damage of the pool interior surface. If you choose to plaster your pool interior, it can easily sustain improper water balance.
Ecologically sound and non-hazardous 

Pool plaster is known to be created from nature’s finest material and hence it offers a completely non-hazardous and ecologically sound pool environment. Due to its non toxic properties, it doesn’t cause any side effects to the pool water chemistry, thus making the pool water extremely safe for the pool owners. 

Easily available in varied colors

Due to its easy availability in varied colors, you don’t have to worry at all if your pool interior surface has become obsolete. You can choose pool plaster in any color of your choice to create the preferred appearance. The plaster color doesn’t give the coloring to the surface only, but constant through the entire material. Besides, there are options available for various finishing techniques that consists of exposed aggregate that let you choose from a wide variety of preferred pool appearances.
Having a pool at the backyard for enjoying rejuvenating moments requires proper care and maintenance of the pool components and the pool interior surface is one of the major components that requires careful selection and implementation for its maintenance. Hence, instead of other surfacing options, ensure to opt for pool plastering surfacing technique to enhance your pool’s look and longevity.