It is important to control when your pool equipment turns off or on to facilitate your pool maintenance. You don’t have to be a mechanic for maintaining the water flow and quality in your pool; instead you can set up and operate a pool time clock to control your pool equipment adeptly.




The most commonly used pool timer for pool pumps is the intermatic time clock. With this clock, you can set your pool pump on in the early morning even when you are sleeping or just all night by adjusting it accordingly. By setting the pool time clock in non-peak hours, you can efficiently save your significant amount of time and money. Setting a pool timer is as easy as setting a clock in your home, but it requires some proper instructions to operate it efficiently. So, let’s learn the steps to operate the pool intermatic time clock proficiently.

  • Pull the door of the pool intermatic time clock to open the box and look for trip switches. There will be two trip switches; first one is labeled as ON and second one is labeled as OFF.
  • To set the time correctly, pull the dial of the intermatic time clock outwards or towards yourself and rotate the dial left or right until the right time is set with the help of the permanent silver bar.
  • Use pliers or screwdrivers to loosen the ON and OFF switches if it is necessary and set the switches consequently; for example, OFF- 3 AM and ON -7 AM.
  • Once the time is set, you can tighten the switches before closing the door of the intermatic time clock box.

If you look at the back of the time clock, you will find some gears moving in clockwise direction. These gears confirm if the time clock is working properly or not. So, during the setting up of the timer, it is advised not to touch these gears as it might obstruct the normal functioning of the intermatic time clock. Moreover, when the time is set, the door of the intermatic time clock should be closed to prevent dirt, bugs, or water from entering into it.

We must say that every pool owner should use the pool intermatic time pool to keep a check on the functioning of their pool pump system. It will not only help in saving time required in turning the pump system on and off, but will also make the pool maintenance procedure simple and easier.