Controlling the temperature of your pool water has never been so easy before. The technologically innovative Pentair IntelliTouch MobileTouch Remote allows you to control the temperature of your pool water efficiently. The control panel receiver of this intuitively designed remote system works from an operating range of 300 ft. from the transceiver antenna, which is generally located close to the IntelliTouch load center.


It easily takes all your worries of operating and scheduling your pool and spa heating, cleaning, and filtration cycles. Let’s find out how we can use this Pentair IntelliTouch MobileTouch to turn on your pool heater competently.

• Plug the AC adaptor of MobileTouch remote in the AC wall outlet and hook up the adaptor plug into the bottom of the cradle.

• Charge the MobileTouch wireless controller by keeping it in the cradle. It allows the full charging of the wireless controller battery.

• Once, it is charged, take away the wireless controller from the cradle. You can operate it in the cradle while the AC power is attached to the cradle.
• Press the Power button located on the lower front right side to switch on the controller. The main screen will be turned on but the LCD backlit might be turned off if it is kept ideal for more than 5 minutes.
• Once, the LCD screen is ready, press the Heat button located at the second position of the lower section from the left side of the MobileTouch controller. 

• The Spa mode and Pool mode will be displayed on the screen showing “OFF” status by default.

• To turn on the pool heater, press the lower second button at the right side of the controller. Once, the heater is ON, you can set the temperature up and down as per your convenience.
• To turn off the heater, again press the lower second button at the right side of the controller.

As it name suggests, the Pentair IntelliTouch MobileTouch Remote is intelligent and your ticket to a better pool enjoyment with less worries. Be sure to check your pump, heater and other pool equipment regularly and contact your pool repair company in Houston if you face problems using MobileTouch Remote or operating pool heater.