While most people realize that regular pool maintenance is essential for safe use of pool water, only few of them know that pool filter needs to be cleaned periodically for its proper performance. 90% of filter cleaning is simple manual process while the rest 10% requires some professional expertise, but you can do it. The main purpose of cleaning pool filter is to remove the debris and impurities in order to improve water flow and quality, circulation and prevent wear & tear on the pool equipment. Cleaning process is different for different types of pool filters. Check out here the cleaning process for each type of filter:

Cleaning Cartridge Filter

•    Turn off pump and air bleed valve before opening the body of the filter. 
•    Remove the filters and take them to where you want to clean them.
•    Rinse off the loose debris and dirt from your filter cartridge using sprayer or garden hose with a nozzle. 
•    After rinsing, soak your cartridge in a cartridge cleaner solution (containing 1 part chlorine and 6 parts water) for overnight in order to kill microorganisms. 
•    Next, immerse the cartridge in a clean water completely to remove chemicals. Then thoroughly rinse the cartridge with water again to remove remaining chemicals and allow it to dry under sunlight.
•    Now your filter is ready for reassembly and follow the manual to reassemble the filter parts.

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Cleaning Sand Filter

•    After a certain time period, sand filter starts to clog and its performance diminishes. To start the cleaning process, turn off the pool pump at the circuit breaker.
•    Sand filter is usually at FILTER setting during normal operation. By depressing the multiport valve, move it to BACKWASH setting.
•    Now turn the pool pump on and run for at least 2 minutes. You will see side water inside the filter to change from cloudy to clear. 
•    Turn the multiport valve to the RINSE setting to prevent dirt or cloudy water from returning to the pool. Whenever changing the position of the valve, switch off the pump.
•    Turn the pool pump on and run filter at the RINSE setting for 2 minutes and depress the valve to FILTER setting again for normal operation.

Cleaning DE Filter

•    DE filter has the same backwashing procedure as the sand filter. The only difference with DE filter is that most of the DE is removed during backwashing so you need to add clean DE (80% as some DE will still be inside the filter) after cleaning process. 
•    To drain the inside portion of the DE filter, open the Air Release Valve for a few minutes to allow water to drain out from the bottom.
•    Open the filter and disassemble the grids. Lift out one grid at a time and clean it with a garden hose. After that you can soak the grids in soap solution or acid bath. Finally, immerse it in a bucket full of clean water.
•    You can clean the rest of the filter body such as bottom rack, top manifold, filter case and clamp.
•    Assemble the grids carefully and place them inside the filter body. Follow manual to reassemble filter parts.
•    Finally, turn on the pump and recharge your filter by slowly pouring the DE-water slurry into the skimmer. 
•    Open the air release valve to remove air from the inside of the filter and note the pressure reading to ensure your filter is working properly.

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