As a pool owner you need to know just how much bad pool plaster will cost you very day that you operate your pool.

Any homeowner that has bad plaster or colored aggregate plaster that is not chalkboard smooth to the touch, is unknowingly wasting money every day running your pool pumps longer and buying more chemicals.

This picture represents a new pool built by this family's home / pool construction partner.  The stairs in this picture had to be completely torn out and rebuilt due to missing steel.   The gunite was also improperly installed for this sparkling brand new pool. So much for being able to trust close friends.

What most homeowners, swimming pool builders, pool stores, and even pool plasterers don't understand can cost you!  If this pool never had our quality construction and plaster work done to the stairs, then every inch of their swimming pool would have become covered with algae. Everyone would have blamed the homeowner for not properly taking care of their maintenance, including the spouse in the house!

But regardless, no matter how badly this homeowner may have maintained their swimming pool, a pool with a quality plaster finish would not have had any algae, as proved in the picture.  This means less chemicals, less circulation, and less labor are needed to keep the same exact swimming pool looking, as great as, the high quality finished aggregate plaster on the stairs.

In actuality, our plaster work proves this whole swimming pool could have gone with less maintenance, less chemicals and less labor and still would not have shown any signs of algae if we had been the company that installed the original plaster.

Without a variable like our workmanship in your pool, you operate your pool just like someone who drives a car and has no idea there are higher quality cars with much better performance and gas mileage.

No matter where you live, don't hesitate to contact us to let us advise you how to get the most out of your pool ownership.

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More Detailed Information about this job is below:
We resurfaced these stairs with the same aggregate plaster that the pool originally had installed.  EXCEPT, our workmanship of applying the same plaster leaves a highly smoother surface for less debris and algae to grow in.

As you can see, the whole pool of rough aggregate plaster is covered with green algae except the very smooth area of the stairs that we rebuilt with high quality workmanship.

This difference costs you lots and lots of money every day to run your pump longer and treat your pool with extra chemicals.  Not to mention the extra attention a pool needs that doesn't have smooth plaster.

When this pool is algae free, you cannot tell the difference looking at our work or theirs, but if you touch both areas you can feel the smoothness of our work vs typical rough aggregate applications. We care! We take more time to do things right. We want you to benefit from using us.

If you are going to remodel, replaster, put in new plaster, make a change to your swimming pool, or build a new swimming pool, please make sure you get with an expert that cares about you years after the work is finished.
Make sure you contact us, because we truly care about you.

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