With smart landscaping solutions including garden walls, fences, and stone walls, it is possible to create a private oasis with your luxury pool at the center. Even if you take the proper steps to create privacy in your outdoor pool area, there are certain steps that must be followed to ensure that your pool is safe and clean. Working with a professional company offering pool construction, maintenance and cleaning services in Houston can ease your mind. 

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Below are enlisted some of the options that will yield a private space for swimming in your backyard.


A garden wall around your pool area can help you create a secluded area that will simply add more enjoyment to the pool and spa. Consider the plantation of deciduous shrubs, evergreen trees and flowering plants to give the area a more layered and natural look. The variety of depth and height creates visual interest and greater appeal. However, make sure that the growth rate of the species of trees you are considering to plant grow at a slower pace and reach mature height after a decade or so.

If you are considering planting deciduous trees in the landscaping plan, it's highly recommended to keep them far from the pool so as to avoid the nuisance of falling leaves in the water. 


There are available an extensive range of design options for privacy fencing, it is very much possible to customize a look that fits with the exterior of your home as well as other backyard elements. The wood and the composite fencing can be installed alone too. However, if you want to give a more natural look that has a perfect blend with overall landscaping, go ahead with wood and the composite fencing along with natural garden backdrop. Custom fences can be made in virtually limitless designs and include decorative elements that make them unique.

If you wish to go beyond the traditional fencing, you can include stone walls or custom masonry structures that block your swimming pool area view from outside. The slope of the property determines the height and best location of the wall. Mortared stone walls are sturdy, natural-looking, and can be built in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your property.

Discuss the landscaping options for creating privacy garden, fences, and walls around your pool with your local pool company. A specialist can navigate the local codes and requirements that will affect your choice and assess your property to determine the best option.

When creating privacy in and around the pool area, homeowners often choose to work with a company that specializes in pool cleaning in Houston along with repairing and remodeling. Esposito Pools in Houston provides ease of mind with all your pool requirements and can help ensure that your swimming pool remains in top structural condition for many years to come.