Who doesn't love a backyard oasis at their home? The fun activities and relaxation you can enjoy in the summer time is the appeal of your swimming pool. However, home owners must take the upkeep works into account before installing a swimming pool. Sometimes even seasoned pool owners make mistakes that ultimately cause damage to their pool. We’ve listed a few of the most common mistakes that you must avoid during pool maintenance task:

Mistake #1: Pool shocking during day hours
Pool experts recommend shocking a pool once in a week. In order to be your shocking treatment more effective, it must be done at dusk or night. The sun burns off chlorine at 1ppm per hour. When the shock chemicals are added to the swimming pool at night, the sun cannot burn off the chemical, leaving most of the shocking chemical to do its job. 

Mistake #2: Not checking your water chemistry regularly
This could lead to serious problems to swimmer’s safety as well as to the lifespan of your pool. The water chemistry must be checked twice a week. Both low pH and high pH can cause a lot of damage to pool equipment and might result in the growth of harmful bacteria and algae.

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Mistake #3: Not installing pool filters
Many pool owners avoid installing pool filters, and instead use excess of chemicals and chlorine to clean their pool water. High amount of chlorine or any chemical could have disastrous effects on swimmers' health. To remove dust particles, microbes and other impurities, you must install cartridge filter, as it is easy to install and maintain.

Mistake #4: Vacuuming often but not brushing
Although vacuuming keeps your pool clean but it is not a substitute for brushing. You must brush down the tiles, walls and bottom of the pool once a week to discourage the growth of bacteria and algae. Brushing regularly helps to keep your pool clean and prevent algae problems.

Mistake #5: Not checking the pool pump 
It's true that you will save money on your electric bill by not running pool pump but you may end up giving your saved money on service maintenance. Pump comprises of filter and skimmer that keep away debris which promote bacteria and algae growth. When your pump meter reaches above normal pressure level, backwash the system by turning the valves in reverse mode. 

Keeping your pool looking at its best all the time requires a little know-how. To perfect your art of effective pool maintenance you must avoid these mistakes in future. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of pool maintenance, you can contact our trained Houston pool maintenance specialists. From pool remodeling, replastering to cleaning, we can handle all your pool care services. Let us do the work and you enjoy swimming!!