A backyard pool is an investment which offers endless hours of entertainment for your family and friends. Whether you're building a new swimming pool or retrofitting your existing one, consult Esposito Pool – the reliable company offering pool cleaning in Cypress, as its team of experts is proactive in pursuing the many new methods and technologies that can help you keep the pool's substantial operating costs to a bare minimum. Take the plunge!

Pool Cleaning Cypress

 1. Maintain the Proper Chemical Balance of Your Pool – “Prevention is better than cure” and its lot cheaper to prevent problems such as cloudy water or algae. So maintain a proper chemical balance in your pool so as to reduce your pool running costs. Ideally, the balance should be as follows: pH 7.4-7.6, Alkalinity 100-150 ppm, and Calcium 100-200 ppm. Or seek help from pool cleaning services company who will test the water regularly, and adjust the chemicals as required.

2. Clean Your Pool Regularly – It's highly suggested that one should brush the swimming pool once in a day as well as skim and net the pool surface at least once a day. The act of brushing helps to free dirt and debris from the slack water areas of your pool and gets them back into regular circulation so that your filter has a chance to deal with them. Skimming the pool removes leaves and bugs before they have time to start messing with the pool’s chemical balance or introducing bacteria.

3. Run Your Pump and Filter At Night –  If you put chemicals in the pool at night, you are required to circulate the pool water so that it performs its functions. The reason for this is because the ultraviolet light in natural sunlight degrades chlorine. Additionally, though, it’s worth remembering that electrical tariffs are much cheaper at night than they are during the day. And that’s especially true during the summer months. So, by running your pump at night, you’re paying less for the electricity.

4. Help Control Pool Alkalinity with Baking Soda – Chemically speaking, baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which when comes into contact with water, it increases the water’s alkalinity. Also, the cost involved is also less, especially if you buy it in wholesale quantities, than pool-specific alkalinity additives. However, you should only use baking soda for minor, rather than major, adjustments to the alkalinity levels of your pool. In major adjustments always seek consultation from companies that offer pool cleaning in Cypress.

5. Install LED Pool Lighting – It's time to replace the existing halogen or incandescent pool lights with LED because LED lights are energy efficient, they’ll make an enormous difference to the running costs of lighting your pool. How much? Somewhere around 80?%. Moreover, the LED lights last much longer than conventional lights, so they don’t have to be replaced so often. And the light emitted by LEDs produces a “warmer” glow around your pool.

Hope the above-enlisted suggestions help you reduce your pool running costs, and help you to save money. After all, your pool should be a joy and pleasure, not a pain in your wallet. If Esposito Pools can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us because our clients believe we are the most reliable company that offers genuine pool cleaning services in Cypress