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Filter Cleanings

Pool Filter Cleanings
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$110. DE Filter Cleanings
$120. Cartridge Filter Cleanings



There is no substitute for a clean pool filter.

It's important to make sure your pool filter is as clean as possible at all times. 
If it's not kept clean, your daily operating costs for chemicals, electricity and maintenance will increase substantially.  
Not to mention the increased amount of algae growth.

If you have not had your swimming pool filter cleaned recently,
call us and we will be happy to help you evaluate your system and bring your pool back to operating as efficiently possible.

Filter Cleaning Frequency

There are many things that determine how often your pool filter should be cleaned.
Proper chemical balance, debris, good smooth plaster, pump circulation, weather and back-washing your filter between cleanings are all factors.

Types of Filters

D.E. and sand filters can be back-washed between cleanings so this is a huge benefit to the health of your water, chemical and electricity reduction.
Cartridge filters are the least efficient as they can not be back-washed between cleanings and the fibers can never be cleaned well enough to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria.
Cartridge filters will also take the longest amount of time to properly clean and unfortunately their fibers gather more and more dirt in them from day one, until they need to be replaced.

Knowing When Your Filter Should Be Cleaned or Just Back-Washed

When your filter needs to be cleaned will vary by the type of filter you have.
Generally, manufactures recommend back-washing when your filter gets 10 psi higher than it's starting clean pressure.  Every pool's starting pressure will vary greatly depending how well the hydraulic system was designed.  
It is our strong recommendation that you don't wait for the pressure to rise on your d.e. or sand filter before back-washing.  It takes a lot of dirt to raise the filter pressure even 1 psi (pound per square inch), let alone raise it 10 psi.

Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Filters
We recommend back-washing once per month, even if filter pressure has not risen.
In warmer months this is critical to limiting the amount of bacteria growing in your filter and keeping your pumps water flow the strongest.
Cleaning should be done when the filter is back-washed and the pressure does not return near the original clean start-up pressure or when the pressure rises quickly back to a dirty pressure before the next monthly back-washing.

Sand Filters
These are the easiest filters for most homeowners to operate, but they have the poorest and smallest filtration quality.
And don't tricked into believing different media that claims to do a better job than the sand in your sand filter.
Although sand filtered pools have a slight haze to their water quality, any substitute in place of sand has always been noticeably cloudier than sand filtration.
Sand filters should also be back-washed weekly for the best operation.
But cleaning a sand filter should never have to happen.
Replacing sand in a sand filter usually results in more damage and no improvement to the quality of the water filtration.

Cartridge filters are overall the most expensive for customers to operate no matter how you clean or soak them, they will always have dirt from day one trapped inside them.
This dirt is bacteria that continually increases the amount of chemicals, service and pump run times the pool will need to operate and stay healthy.
Cartridge filters should be cleaned very frequently.   But, do to the extra time it takes to clean them correctly and the cost associated with paying someone to clean them frequently, most cartridges are not cleaned well enough or frequently enough. Adding to the daily operating cost of running your swimming pool.