Pool Safety

Pool Safety

I've been working in the swimming pool industry for more than 25 years and I did not know all these facts until 'The Judah Brown Project' educated me.
Most people, including most other pool companies like me in the industry, were not aware of the actual number of drownings and who they related to.
The biggest thing to know is that most of these drownings could have been prevented.
Knowing the facts below can stop you from having a drowning statistic in your life.

Drowning Deaths

Drowning is the greatest cause of death to children 1-4 years old.
Most drownings of children 1-4 happen in a home swimming pool.
Drowning is the 3rd greatest cause of death for people 5-19 years old.
Most drownings usually happen on someone else's property.

Most younger drownings happen within seconds of everything being fine.
One second they are sitting quietly on a shallow bench or
not even in the water but scooping water out of the pool to play with.
The next second they very quietly and accidentally roll into the water.  

Young swimmers that can't save themselves do not splash the water's surface nor make any sound.
Weak and young swimmers rarely make any splashes or noise in the water when they are in trouble.

Awareness, Education and Distractions

These tragic statistics can be completely changed just through adult awareness.
Know the important points above and contact 'The Judah Brown Project' for complete water safety and awareness.
Recognizing the dangers of not having adult supervision at all times is probably the biggest tragedy.
If every pool had a 'Water Watcher' looking over activities, these drownings would be close to none.
Any adult can step up and be that water watcher, whether you're at your house, a friend's house or at a water park.
Designate yourself and other responsible adults to take turns watching over the water, just 15 mins at a time.
Order your free 'Water Watcher' tag for each adult to wear when on-duty.

Don't water watch while being social or distracted by conversations, phones or reading.
Talking to someone while watching the water makes it too easy to have a momentary lapse of watching all the children for just a second.
Even taking a quick drink or eating food off your plate is a long enough distraction for something tragic to happen.
If you don't see the initial water submersion happen, time starts ticking very quickly on how good a rescue can be made due to water inhalation.
Keep your eyes on the water at all times.  100% no distractions.


The Judah Brown Project is set up to help educate and train babies and adults to prevent these accidental drownings from happening.
They even have scholarships available for those families needing in-water training.

Swimming pool water safety and awareness