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Have some equipment that is not working or is your pool losing water.  We can help you fix anything that is keeping your pool from running as good as new.


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Are you thinking your pool needs a face lift? We can help you make the right decisions so you can have a new looking pool and better than your original.

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Pool Remodeling in Cypress

We have been taking care of customers under our family name since 1996. We offer just about everything for your pool needs. Pool renovation, service and repairs and installation of all types of equipment such as pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, salt systems and automation. Read more about:


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27 Jan
Best Pool Company in Houston
Esposito Pools is ranked as one of the Top 19 Best Pool Services in Houston for 2018. Expertise.com scored pool services on more than 25 variables across five categories, and analysed the results to give you a hand-picked list of the best pool service companies in Houston, TX.


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24 May
Follow These Tips To Spend Less on Swimming Pool Repair & Maintenance

For most pool owners, having a swimming pool means much more than just being able to go for a swim whenever they want. There is a lot of maintenance involved in owning a swimming pool no matter what size the pool is and where you live. While a pool owner may do all of the work to keep a pool well maintained, there will be times when a pool will need repairs.

Everyone wants to save money in whatever task they do, hence, swimming pool repair job is no different. So, check out these tips to reduce your pool maintenance costs.


HIRE A REPUTABLE COMPANY – By hiring a reputable swimming pool repair and maintenance company, you are taking a step forward to maintain your pool, which is otherwise a difficult task if done on an individual basis. Allowing chlorine levels to dip too drastically will allow algae to begin to grow. Levels that are too high can result in chemical burns and itching eyes. Your pool filter should be cleaned and replaced at regular intervals to help it continue functioning at its best. The team of experts of Esposito Pools is knowledgeable in all aspects of swimming pool repair and maintenance needs. Allow us to reduce some of these stress-inducing things and call our professionals to keep your pool repaired and maintained.

CLEAN & MONITOR YOUR POOL FILTER – Pool pumps use a significant amount of electricity. You can enjoy clean water and smaller electric bills by limiting the amount of time that your pool pump runs. In most cases, four hours per day is enough to maintain optimal water quality. It will help you save money by running your pump for limited time period. On a regular basis keep monitoring all your pool equipment to get small repairs done on time, so that you can avoid costly repairs later on.

POOL COVER – KEEP THE MAINTENANCE COST LOW – A pool cover is also an excellent way to keep the pool maintenance costs low. Having a pool cover that fits properly and used appropriately can help reduce the number of those pesky “love bugs” from getting in. Once you start seeing them flying around ensure that your pool is properly covered, and if you happen to neglect, they will be everywhere. It will also keep leaves, grass and even tiny little objects, which create the most hindrances in the proper functioning, away from your pool.

Regular pool maintenance is very much vital for the proper functioning of your pool. Being the most trusted pool repair company in Cypress, Esposito Pools can help you keep your pool well-maintained. We will handle all your repair needs, from top to bottom with utmost care and perfection.

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