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Pool Services 
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We have proudly served our clients since 1996!

We offer all the pool services your swimming pool can need

Licensed Electrical Work
All Pool Equipment Repairs and Installations
Weekly Cleaning Services
Pool Remodeling Replastering, Tile & Coping
Leak Detection & Repair
Inspections & Pool School
Construction Consultation
Pool Draining and Clean-up

Licensed Electrical Work

Many homeowners do not realize that any company doing work on an electric motor, heater, light, Automation system or other, must be Licensed by the State of Texas to touch any electrical part or wiring.  Violations are subject to Class C Fines of $2,000 - $5,000 for each violation.  We are Licensed and Insured for your protection and in accordance with the State of Texas Codes.

Equipment Repairs & Installations

From Filter Cleanings to Heater Installations and Automation Upgrades we can do it all for you.  
Filters, Pumps, Motors, Heaters, Timers, Automation, Cleaners and everything pool related.
If we can't fix it for you, we will give you the best advice before installing a new piece of equipment.

Weekly Cleanings

Call us today and get a Free Estimate for Weekly pool services for your pool.
We offer weekly maintenance from Chemical Only, Chemicals Plus and Full Service Pool Cleanings.
Call Us to sit back and relax by your pool and let us take care of you!

Pool Remodeling

Does your pool need Replastering or Tile & Coping?  Our expert advice will make sure You choose the right materials for your pool renovation.
The industry is now full of lots of different materials and we will educate you on the pro's and con's of each one so you will make the best decision for yourself, your family and the life of your swimming pool.  For instance, many homeowners are not told that some materials will increase your pool's daily operating and maintenance costs.  Plaster should always be flat and smooth like a chalk board to avoid higher costs and a more comfortable environment for your family.  
Call us and find out the difference in Plaster, Tile & Coping qualities before you make any remodel decisions.