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Are you thinking about building a new pool?  Don't do it without a consultant that looks out for you!

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Too many times we have watched homeowners build pools from salesmen that promise everything or from the same guy that built your friend's pool and even worse from your family's best friend. We have kept homeowners from the pitfalls of having their pools built relying solely on the builder. 

Simple construction planning and choosing all your finishing options correctly can and will save you on daily operating expenses that will can easily save more than $500-$1,000. per year. How do we know this? 

We pride ourselves in building the most efficient operating pool that fits your ideas and needs. We don't just consult or design a swimming pool based on getting to know what you want, we go much further and educate you to make the best choice options to give you what you didn't even know you wanted.

Many of our simple cost saving designs will save you water, chemicals, cleaning costs and time, electricity, and equipment replacement costs. Most of what we know is not even considered by most all builders and even most service companies.

There is a very big reason each summer season the biggest and best cleaning companies struggle with more and more algae outbreaks in the pools they are responsible for cleaning.  And not just the cleaning companies are bewildered.  The chemical companies and the brightest chemical guru's are scratching their heads also.  The biggest reason is not the chemicals they are using or the stronger strains of algae as most of the industry believes, but it clearly has to do with the way your pool is designed and constructed.

Don't be one of the many customers that have come back and told us: "We only wished we had listened to you instead of our salesman who said 'they never have an issue with those items and have been doing it that way for years."

The hardest thing for me to do is talk to a homeowner about their new pool having issues that could have been avoided. 

The most repeated statement I hear is: "The builder never told us this would happen" and "they never told us we had options."

There are very few daily operating costs that a homeowner understands about their pool.  And hundreds of thousands of homeowners understand less about how much their pool design and building choices really cost them every day versus having a well planned and efficiently designed swimming pool. Whether you got a deal for your pool from your sibling or paid the areas 'top' builder, You have not heard the real pros and cons of every detail about your pool that will cost you extra to operate every day until you consult with Esposito Pools.

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