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Swimming Pool Skimmer Baskets


Before spending ANY money replacing your skimmer baskets or any other "swimming pool improvement" be sure to get our advice.

The market currently has a couple of baskets that claim to increase your suction and water flow into your skimmer.
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THIS TO HAPPEN.  It looks like it increases, but it's only forcing a whirlpool and does not work 

Do these baskets work better than a skimmer missing the weir door? - Yes, but they are not the 1st or 2nd best option most all of the time.
Are these baskets what you should have on your pool - NO, the one's I've seen are poorly made, fall apart too easily, are hard to clean,
are too light weight to handle heavy tree debris AND most of all they Do Not increase your skimmer suction.
Because of the way these skimmer baskets are made, they also allow debris to float back into your pool when the pump turns off.
These issues make these baskets worthless compared to most other options.


1.  There is NO basket that can increase your skimmer(s) suction.
2.  The water that is sucked into the skimmer is ONLY controlled by the size of your pump and plumbing valve adjustments.
Other factors like clean filters, clean baskets, properly working equipment can all keep the skimmer suction the strongest.
3.  A skimmer that sucks 40 GPM (gallons per minute) can not be increased even 1 GPM by any changes you make to the basket!
4.  Yes, a basket design can create a whirlpool and spin debris in a circle faster once it is sucked into the skimmer, and this LOOKS impressive, but it is not.
5.  And a basket design can slightly increase the surface water flow more than a normal basket, but does not perform as good as having the skimmer weir or floating weir.
BUT, a basket will not increase the amount of water flow and therefore can not increase the amount of debris sucked into the skimmer, especially in comparison of other options.  A pool's water level and the amount of debris in the basket will also cause the effectiveness of these baskets to fluctuate in performance.

Whirlpools replace water with air - and we all know that air is the last thing we want to introduce into our pumps.
5.  Yes, these specialty baskets can swirl the water around in a whirlpool and make it LOOK like your skimmer suction is stronger - But it's not..
This same whirlpool is created when your skimmer basket starts getting too full of debris, but in this case the water flow is decreasing and straining the pump suction.


1.  The Skimmer Weir acts just like a door that allows debris to get sucked in, but does not allow it to float back out into the pool.
2.  When the pump turns off the Weir closes, keeping all the debris in the skimmer.
3.  The Weir floats at just the right height based on the skimmers suction.  This is very important and why they work so well.
4.  The Weir forces the strongest water flow to the top of the water, acting as a dam to create more water flow at the top surface where all the debris is floating.
5.  Your skimmer Weir door is very important.  When they can not be replaced, the next best option is a Floating Weir.
Floating Weirs do not work as well as Skimmer Weir Doors because they are further away from the opening of the skimmer throat and the water flow is spread out beneath the surface.


Your skimmer(s) should have a high quality, heavy duty basket and a properly operating skimmer weir (door) or a floating weir.
1.  The basket needs to be strong enough for years of service during heavy debris seasons.
2.  The basket need to be heavy enough that it will not rise and allow debris to get under it when the pump turns off.
This causes the pump and plumbing to get clogged with debris that should have been stopped by the basket staying in place.
If your basket is not heavy enough to stay in place, then a fist sized rock should be kept in your basket to keep it weighed down.
The skimmer baskets we use are the only baskets in the industry that consistently stay in place.
3.  The skimmer weir or the floating weir are very important.
Without a weir on your skimmer, it's like leaving your front door open during mosquito season.
The weir keeps the debris in the skimmer from floating back into the pool when the pool is turned off.


1.  Your skimmer weir (door) should always be replaced "with the original part number" to keep your skimmer performing the best.
2.  A floating weir is the next best option if your Weir Door can not be replaced with the original.
3.  Any other options will depend on what type and how much debris you get in your pool.
4.  Most homeowners I see buying these "turbo" baskets already have heavy debris and get over-clogged basket issues.
5.  These turbo baskets should never be used when your pool has more than just a small amount of debris.  

Contact us before buying ANY products for your swimming pool.
We will offer you the best advise to save you Money, Time and Headaches.