Swimming Pool Care Southern Winter Freeze Warning

Winter Guide for Southern Cold Weather Care

During All 38 degrees or Below Temperatures:

1. Keep All Pumps On (Filter, Cleaner, Fountain, Etc.) (*Remember - Wind Chill and Dew Points can create freezing conditions) IF There Is Any Chance of Sleet, Snow or Deep Freeze (more than 8hrs below 32), Then Also:

2. Place A Water Proof Tarp Loosely Over Equipment/Plumbing (to prevent frozen rain/snow from having contact with equipment/plumbing.) Make sure tarp is not in direct contact with equipment/plumbing (use cardboard or lawn chair cushions between equip/tarp.) Allow Enough Air Space So Vents On Motors Are Not Blocked.

How to turn your pump(s) on:

Automatic Remote Systems

These systems should be programmed to turn ALL your pumps on anytime the air temperature drops below 38. If all pumps do not come on, or you cannot turn them on from your indoor controller, then:

1. Go to outside Control Panel.

2. Place Controller into "Service" Mode.

3. Turn on All pumps (Filter, Cleaner, Fountains, Etc.)

4. After Freeze Danger - turn outside control back to "Auto" mode. *Remember, if you turn pump on or off from inside controller, then the scheduled programming will take over control of turning your pump on or off at the next scheduled time. To avoid this, you will have to put controller into "Service" mode as stated in 1-4 above. 

Manual Time Clocks

If you do not have a freeze protector installed on all pumps, then you will have to switch each pump on before any freeze dangers (temps less than 38 is standard) At pumps controlled by Mechanical Timers:

1. At each timer: Slide Switch(s) to "ON" positions and pump should come on.

2. If needed: Loosen and Remove "OFF" Trip Switches on Timer Dial so pump will stay on.

3. After Freeze Danger - Replace "OFF" Trip Switches on Timer Dial.

4. Adjust Timer Dials to Correct Times by Pulling Outward on Dial and Rotate to Correct time.

Check that dial feels like it seated properly back down into the gears.

If one of the trip switches is near the current time indicator (the silver marker pointing downward from center of dial), you may have to offset the dial or the trip switch to move dial.

If You Can Not Run Your Pumps And/Or We Get An Extremely Long Freeze That Will Cause Plumbing To Start Freezing:

1. Make Sure Main Power To Pump(S) Is Turned Off (So Pump Will Not Automatically Turn On Until You Manually Turn It Back On After Any Freeze Danger.)

2. Open Filter Air Relief Valve(S).

3. Remove Pump Strainer Pot Lid(S).

4. Open Any Drain Relief Plugs On Pumps, Valves, Heater To Allow Access Water To Drain And Makes Air Gap Room For Any Frozen Water Expansion.

* At All Times Of The Year, If You Notice Any Equipment Not Working Properly: Turn Off Power To Equipment And Contact Us For Additional Service.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at: [email protected]

We make every effort to help everyone as quickly as we can.