Pool Construction Process

Constructing Your Dream Pool is Our Passion

Swimming pools are a great addition to your home backyard! Pool construction isn't an easy building project. You need to hire a certified and licensed builder for the construction of a swimming pool. If you are looking for pool construction consultation and a pool professional you can trust, then Esposito Pools can help you.


Esposito Pools is a family owned business that has been serving Houston, Cypress and other surrounding areas in Texas for more than 20 years, since 1995. We have the experience and knowledge to build the pool of your dreams! With our quality craftsmanship, standard of excellence, and trained professionals, we have grown into Houston's leading pool building company. Before plunging into pool construction process, one of our consultants will meet you and provide the detailed plan of the building process, starting from inception to completion. Below we have explained the design and construction process and the systematic steps we take in creating your dream poolscape.


Step 1: Project Design and Proposal

Our trained design technician will meet you to discuss the pool design and the overall landscape layout.  We design customized pools based on your needs and the proposed area. We will conduct survey of your home where you wish to build your new pool to assess the plot dimensions, positioning, location of utilities, and accessibility to the site. We will then send you the detailed pool design & engineering drawings along with our construction plan within a few days so that you can review it and give your approval. You've to sign the Contract and pay the Deposit to start the next stage.


Step 2: Permits and Approvals

After obtaining your approval for the pool design and drawing, we will acquire the permit from the local council for the construction of the pool in Houston. Before starting the excavation and installation process, we will make sure all plans must comply with local building codes.

Step 3: Excavation and Steel Reinforcing

This is the first stage of the pool construction work and demands accuracy and professionalism. The layout and excavation all occurs in the same day. Our experienced excavators start excavating underlying soil and rock to prepare the site for constructing pool. After Esposito finishes the excavation, our team will start the formwork and then steel fixing process. Steel reinforcing is done to add structural strength to the pool. During the steeling process, we will also be pre-plumbing the interior of the pool.


Step 4: Plumbing and Concreting

Before the concreting process, we install all the plumbing and electrical components. We check it twice to meet local building codes of Houston. Next day after steel reinforcement and plumbing, shotcrete or gunite mix is sprayed to the base and wall of your pool by our concreters. It is then shaped with specialized tools by our shapers. After concreting has been completed, it is left for drying for 3-4 weeks. We will need your assistance to allow the concrete pool to cure properly. You will need to water your pool a minimum of three times a day so that the structure cures properly.


Step 5: Coping and Decking

At Esposito Pools, we believe in providing practical and aesthetic finish to your pool. One essential part of doing this is by using pool coping and decking. We have a range of tiles, natural stones, pavers, flagstone, stones, etc in a variety of colors, textures and finish to transform your pool into a tropical paradise. After the decking process is completed, we get fencing installed around your pool to meet local building codes. At this stage, we also create any extra feature that you would like to add to your pool area such as outdoor fireplace, fountains, stone walls, and even do landscaping to enhance the pool environment.


Step 6: Plastering & Start-up

Plastering is a complex process, and requires experienced crew to smooth the surface to assure a beautiful finish. After the pool has been plastered, it is immediately filled with water. We also ensure that your filter equipment and other integral components are functioning properly.


Being the #1 pool construction and pool cleaning company in Houston and Cypress, Esposito Pools provides unsurpassed customer services before, during and after pool construction process. Our service manager will fix a time to come to your home for the maintenance operations for the next few days after pool construction. Our service manager will let you know about routine maintenance and other troubleshooting tips so that you can continue enjoying your pool.


If you have queries regarding pool construction, call our experts at 281-931-5443 (Greater Houston) or 281-213-99 (Metro Houston). Our experts are ready to answer your questions.


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