Freeze Repairs

Texas Swimming Pool Freeze Repairs



Thank you to all of you who have kept all communication to email and allowing us at least 24-48 hours to answer.  
We are calling customers back as we have an updated status or if we need to discuss any details.
Otherwise you should receive an email response acknowledging your email within 24-48 hours.
The amount of time we are spending talking to manufactures, distributors and our repair technicians is continuous all day long.
Please continue to keep ALL communication to strictly email, as phone calls and texts slow down the vast tasks we and all other companies are working on for everyone.
[email protected]


Swimming Pool water temperatures have risen into the low 70's, just a couple of weeks after being in the 30's. 
We can certainly expect that water temperatures will rise much more before enough parts are available to complete all repairs.
Water temperatures higher than 65 are not ideal for stagnant water and please follow our advice for pool care at the bottom of this page to keep your pool healthy.


The whole industry is out of stock on many of the parts that were damaged during the freeze.  This mainly includes Plumbing Parts, Chlorinators, Valves, Pumps, Motors and Heaters.  After a meeting with some manufactures last week, the industry is in short supply of the carbon plastic needed to make most of the higher quality parts and.we were told that it will be 2-6 months before supplies are restocked back to normal levels on some items.   

Daily our distributors get some deliveries. We check for new deliveries daily at distributors and we are spending much time driving to Clear Lake, Woodlands and Katy to get only 1 or 2 parts as they arrive.  When the parts come in, we are doing the repairs in order based on what parts we have available for each job. 

However, due to limited availability of high demand parts, the industry is only selling each company a very small quantity (1or 2 parts) each day.  In most cases, we have to collect parts over several days and many trips to have all the parts needed to do one repair.  We have an extensive list of items we need for everyone and we are working diligently to take care of our valued customers as quickly as we can get the parts needed for your repair.

We are doing our very best to keep repair costs below our normal charges due to the unexpected expenses we all have faced.  


Single-speed and 2-speed pumps are now out of inventory and most manufacturers stopped making them back in January (due to the federal regulations and their federal requirement to only sell Variable Speed pumps.  As an authorized Centerpoint Installer, this is actually good for the homeowner since we can program your VS pump to save you $600- $800 dollars per year.  We can also get you qualified for below market rates to save you hundreds and thousands more on your home electricity in addition to your pump savings.


From day one we informed customers that we would not be doing any heater repairs that were damaged from the freeze and that in most cases our best advise is installing a new heater.  Due to the fact that the internal & thin copper parts of the heater are more delicate than the headers, it is unavoidable that the internals of the heater did not also get weakened or damaged.  Too many people have done repairs to stop leaks only to find that the heaters have major failure or heat exchangers are busting after they use their heater.   Some manufactures have now changed from advising repairs to only doing complete heater replacements on freeze damaged heaters.   
Due to the extended length of time that it may take to get all the heaters in that are needed for all the repairs, some properties we may have to bypass the heater to get your filtration system up and running.  We are making these decisions with homeowners consent.


We are working hard to get all the parts needed for the repairs needed.


It is vital that you maintain your chlorine level above 3ppm and keep pool cleaned and serviced even if your pump can not be turned on.
If you are a weekly service customer we are doing most of this work, but it's important to keep up with the pool between our visits with brushing or adding additional shock to keep chlorine above 3ppm.  
If you maintain your own pool, also keep chlorine levels above 3ppm and remove debris and brush frequently.